BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Inc - Joining

Renew Membership

Membership, renew online or in the more traditional manner by filling out an application form and returning with payment in the post.


  1. A person who is interested in B.S.A.s is eligible to become a Member of the Association.
  2. A Member is eligible to stand for any one position on the Committee.
  3. Family membership is available to members of the same family and tomembers and their companions who share an interest in B.S.A.s.
  4. Of a family membership, one person is eligible to stand for any committee position.
  5. Annual subscription for a family membership is one and one quarter of the Membership per financial year.
  6. Annual subscription for a family membership where one party is a life member shall be one quarter of the Membership per financial year.
  7. Corporate membership is available to organisations or individuals who pay the requisite annual sponsorship fee. The provisions of the rules relating to members shall also apply to corporate members in all respects, except where stated, including one vote per corporate membership and one person of a corporate membership, who has an interest in B.S.A.s, is eligible to stand for any committee position. The Committee will determine the annual sponsorship fee, as required from time to time, and it shall be greater than the annual subscription fee for members.

Online Renewal:

  1. Select the "Renew Online" button above and you will be directed to a secure online payment link.

Renew (traditional way):

  1. Download a membership application form Membership Application Form HERE
  2. Complete the Membership Application Form.
  3. With your Payment & Complete the Membership Application Form forward it in person or by post.


  • Please make any payments out to "BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Inc".
  • Don't forget to enclose a stamped self addressed envelope with documents you want returned.
  • Failure to include a Stamped Self Address envelope will result in delays in the return of your documents.
  • Please do NOT include cheques made out for both the Club Permit fee & Membership. It will be returned resulting in delays processing the Club Permit.

Useful Info:

  • BSA. M. O. A. Inc. PO Box 2400, Oakleigh, Vic, 3166, AUSTRALIA.