New Club Permits

New requirements commencing 31 January 2015:

  • All Initial club permit applications (not renewals) for vehicles will need to be accompanied by a current certificate of roadworthiness.
  • Initial club permit applications (not renewals) will need to be accompanied with a document of proof of ownership or management of the vehicle. 
  • Initial club permit applications (not renewals) will need to be accompanied by five (5) photographs of the vehicle to keep in club record. The photos are to be of the:

    1. Engine number,
    2. Frame or VIN number,
    3. LHS of vehicle,
    4. RHS of vehicle,
    5. Riders position (showing odometer if fitted).

    Complete the forms

  • Complete the forms and get your application approved by your vehicle club. Once you have the certificates, you will need to complete the following forms and get them approved by your club:
    1. Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form [PDF 181kb]
    2. Club Permit Application Form [PDF 205kb]

    Responsibilities and obligations of club permit holders

  • Club permit holders must:
    1. Ensure that the vehicle is only used for private use and is not used for commercial use
    2. Ensure they are familiar with their particular club’s requirements for club permit holders
    3. Ensure they are familiar with the log book requirements
    4. Maintain their vehicles in a manner which ensures that the vehicle is in a “safe” condition for use on a highway
    5. Present their vehicle for periodic safety checks if prescribed by their club, or in the case of street rods, if prescribed by the Australian Street Rod Federation
    6. Maintain financial membership of the club at all times whilst holding a club permit
    7. Ensure that the log book and permit is carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use
    8. Ensure that the number plate(s) and windscreen label as issued by VicRoads are correctly displayed on the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is in use.

    Club Officers/Scrutineers

    • When signing new club permit applications, club safety officers/scrutineers will be required to complete a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form declaring that the vehicle is eligible, safe for use on the road and that it meets the applicable requirements for the category of vehicle for which the club permit is sought. 
    • New modification guidelines specified in the Guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria’s Club Permit – Vehicle Standards Information No. 33 (VSI33) [PDF 296 kb] apply.
    • If an initial club permit application is submitted for a vehicle that is modified outside of the appropriate modification guidelines, a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate covering the modifications must be provided with the permit application. 
    • An “M” club permit plate will be issued to identify modified vehicles where a VASS certificate has been provided.
    • Clubs are required to maintain dated photographs of vehicles entering the club permit scheme in accordance with the new Club Permit Agreement.
    • Existing and ongoing requirements to be noted

      There are two important existing, ongoing requirements that permit applicants and club safety officers/scrutineers need to be aware of: 
    • Motor vehicles manufactured outside of Australia after 31 December 1968 (30 June 1975 in the case of motorcycles) which do not have a previous Australian registration history, must have a VASS approval certificate to demonstrate that the vehicle meets the Australian Design Rules that applied at the time the vehicle was manufactured. 
    • Club permit vehicles must comply with the Vehicle Standards, appropriate to the date the vehicle was manufactured, contained in Schedule 2 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009. 

    All vehicle standards and modification guidelines are available through VicRoads’ website at Vehicle standards information.


    • When you have received your number plate, forward the number details to the Secretary to complete club records as required by VicRoads.
    • Remember to carry and fill out your log book before you start your ride.
    • Don't forget to enclose a stamped self addressed envelope with documents you want returned.
    • Failure to include a Stamped Self Address envelope will result in delays in the return of your documents.
    • Please do NOT include cheques made out for both the Club Permit fee & Membership. It will be returned resulting in delays processing the Club Permit.

    Useful Info: